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Jr. Copywriter  @ Leo Burnett Chicago


Personal Assistant, Camp Counselor, Ice Cream Scooper (the list goes on)


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Hey. My name is


I've always been a creator. When I was little, I would put on plays. I would talk to myself. At 4 years old, I had already written a theme song for my garden in my backyard titled, Maddie’s Garden, and when I was 8, a classic about how to annoy my brother, appropriately titled, How To Annoy A Brother. Pretty impressive, I know. Ask me about them sometime. I'll sing 'em for you. I don't care. "All the world's a stage," and all that.


I’ve always loved to play pretend, to speak in different accents, and to dream big and then bigger. I was always the child at the dinner table “going too far” because, to me, no one else went far enough. 


My biggest ideas come from pure imagination and letting go of the rails — free to fail but ready to thrive. My favorite ideas are ones made with my heart: the ones that may seem too wild, but my head couldn’t get there quick enough with “that’ll never work.” 


That's why I love writing. I like to silence the editor in me first, while the child runs wild. Aaand then, when the time comes, I let the editor have some say. It's how I work. It's what makes me, me. Nice to meet ya.

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